Our Vision

To become missional-minded agents of Christ in the church and community. 

  • To observe, evaluate and attempt to meet the needs of all God’s people. We will feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, comfort the bereaved, support the senior citizens, rehabilitate the incarcerated, nurse those attacked by sickness, provide positive activity for the youth and any other need that has to be met.
  • To cultivate relationships with God and to implement worship, prayer, and Bible study in our daily activity. We will trust the inspired word of God (the Bible), to guide us into Kingdom success.
  • To become one body with one accord in Christ, as is instructed in the Bible. In order to accomplish this assignment, we will be considerate, respectful, patient, loving and encouraging. We will also utilize active listening as we foster fellowship by respecting differences in thought and worship.
  • To add to the Kingdom by shaping disciples through God’s love for all mankind. This means accepting the assortment of cultural, ethnic and different levels of socio-economic groups in our community.
  • To respect and maintain the elements of tradition that worked, while also interjecting changes that will further enhance The Kingdom of God.
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